Mixtapes + Mango

pairing vegetarian food and good tunes


Pairing Vegan & Vegetarian Food + Good Tunes

Mixtapes + Mango is about sharing my love of cooking & music with the world. Maybe some cat pictures, too. My goal is to bring you my favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes of all varieties – but you should probably know that brunch is my favorite and that I can’t turn down a good homemade sweet. I try to cook with simple ingredients and simple equipment, so you won’t find recipes here that call for one of those fancy four-hundred dollar blenders or costly ingredients you can only get online. I also share music I enjoy for those of you who are into that kind of thing.

I have a pretty specific philosophy on food & cooking, which you can read here.

Meet Jen

profile photo

I’m Texas born-and-raised, spent time in the Midwest, and currently live in the South. I’ve been vegetarian, mostly vegan, since grad school. I love spending time in the kitchen tinkering with recipes and sharing the delicious results with the people I love.

I have the best cat ever (proof below). I’m always listening to music. I make mixtapes (okay, CD’s) for the most amazing, supportive, hilarious, and loving partner who lives much too far away. But she lives really close to the best vegan falafel & curry fries in the world, so I’m not complaining. Together, we go to shows, make ridiculous music, laugh until we cry, and eat lots of good food. Love that girl.

Meet Mango


Mango is the cuter half of the Mixtapes + Mango team, but mostly she snoozes away on my arm while I try to share cool stuff with you. I recently bought her a hoodie and she hates it. Follow us on Instagram for limitless cute.


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